CEO Message

Mrs. Aun Sokunthea


Dragon Spray Flames balm and herbal oil were first made in 2009 and recognized by three government ministries of Cambodia including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft. With over 10 years of experience in producing balm and herbal oil with special natural ingredients following a unique formula, Dragon Spray Flames has gained so much experience and skill in producing the products for reducing muscle pain, stomachache, dizziness, nausea, carsick, seasick, burn, insect bites, etc. effectively.
Since early 2019, Dragon Spray Flame has been displaying products in Expo, exhibitions and also selling in both local and international market. Because of the special ingredients from 108 different kinds of traditional herbal plants and unique recipe, it makes our products effective for treating many conditions, and it produces natural soft scent. These are the reasons that our product received such a great support from our customers in local and oversea.

Our Enterprise is constantly doing research specially focuses on the quality and effectiveness of the products in order to respond to our customers’ needs and satisfaction. We are also working on the improvement of the production process, packaging and services to catch up with the changes and new creation of products in the market. Moreover, these products is going to be the face of Cambodia in the international stage.

CEO Message

The support from our customers and the help of everyone are the motivation that pushes me and my family to continue leading this enterprise with a strong commitment and clear vision. I would love to use this occasion to show my gratitude towards everyone for contributing to our success. Thank you very much.”